Saturday, March 22, 2008

What do you do???

When you have 2 things, both equally good , equally interesting, and well, equal in almost all respects, but you have to choose only one of those two, what do you do???


dilip said...

U come up with a third option man...Its that simple..;)

Karthik said...


i knew someone would say this. But then what if the third is also equally good. Now, dont say come up with 4th :P

dilip said...

mannn...ur one blessed guy...3 good options??
I would have loved to be there..:p hehe..

Gandalf said...

Procrastinate. One of the two will go away ;)

Nat said...

hehe nice idea gandalf. I'd say go with your gut, intuition. I'm wondering if you are still plagued by this dilemma :)

Karthik said...


Good idea. i am sure that will work most times. :)

I kind of, i ended up doing what u said.. Ofcourse, a lot of logic went into as well. Am not in this dilemma anymore. I got the answer, the day after i wrote the blog :)

Tapasya said...

Toss a coin!!

Better still:
1. Assign a key value to each of the options (2 or more).

2. Use a pseduo-random number generator.


1. Design a rule-based inference system based on your preferences and let it take the decision for you.


Take a FIFO or a LIFO based decision.


Just choose one and forget that the other existed :P

Parag said...

I'm late here, but I hope this is what I think it is...if not, I envy you!

Karthik said...


The masters course is having adverse effects on u :P

I think, it is what you think, unless you are thinking about something else ;)