Friday, April 4, 2008

Woh 7 Din

Some of the things that I did over the last week.

1. Google Reader: Spent 2-3 hours subscribing to all the interesting RSS feeds on the net. Digg, Engadget, Scientific American, MAKE magazine, PhdComics, and many more. The advantage of Google reader is that I now spend 2 hours everyday reading all the junk stories on all the popular sites on the internet. On a serious note, some of them are very informative. Also, to my fellow bloggers, I have subscribed to your blogs, and I no longer need to visit your page to see if you have posted something. My apologies, if the hit count on your blogs, do not go up as much as they used to.

2. wget() : I downloaded the entire site. The site mainly has discourses in Kannada on topics like Mahabharata, BhagavadGita etc. wget is a sooper command which can download content from the web. It has some really cool options. To know more about wget, type man wget on Linux. Windows users use google :)

3. Which car do i buy? New one or second hand? merits, demerits? Can i afford one? Do I want a new one? These are just a few questions that are bothering the graduating batch at UoA. :). is a decent place to start to know what you can and cannot afford, before you get into the details.

4. LICENSE!! : I almost forgot. We rented a car last weekend, and I finally got my driving license. Huge Relief!!!!

5. LOTR Marathon: I watched 6hrs of non-stop Lord of the Rings. What started of as a one-DVD-a-day thing, ended up being an all-night thing. Just couldn't control myself after The Two Towers. I started Return of the Kings at 12:45AM and it went on till 4:45AM, all thanks to Bhavin's extended DVD set. :D

Hope I get to do some useful stuff this week.


Parag said...

Things are ridiculously similar here dude! I can relate to almost everything in the list. I was tired of pinging blogs to check updates, so I downloaded Newsfire rss reader, spent time configuring everything. It dances on the dock when new things come and now I keep wasting time thru the day reading stuff :)

Karthik said...

Ooooooh.. Dancing Dock... extremely distracting.. you should get rid of that.. :)

Digital Spinner said...

Add these to car research sites: