Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For quite sometime now, I have been thinking about the concept of testimonials on orkut. I have been lucky to receive 2 genuine and 1 timepass testimonial from my best friends. But, all these days, I never accepted them and my argument was that, the testimonials are for me, and I will keep it. May sound wierd, but I still believe it. I had argued about this long back, with Bhavin, but suddenly something made me revisit my decision. If someone can put in so much time and effort to write something good about me, it would be unfair on my part, to not acknowledge it. So, now, you should now see 3 testimonials on my orkut profile :D..

My apologies to Dilip and Bhavin for having accepted your testimonials so late. But better late than never, right guys?? :)..

PS: The "something good" part does not apply to Sriwatsan's testimonial. Although I accepted it because it was funny.


dilip said...

Now??? Its been soo long since i wrote that!!!
Now i am having second thoughts...hmmm..:):):) hehehe
I want to delete it and come up with a more accurate testimonial..;-)
Will you accept that?? You will again rethink ur decision after maybe reading my new one...hahaha..

Gandalf said...

Aah , finally! I won that argument ;)

Natasha said...

Hey, thank god you changed your mind. I am one of those who believe in testimonials :) But I agree with you, it's not an endorsement for a person, it's just an expression and acknowledgment of being thankful for you as a friend.

Karthik said...

I bet you cant write worse than what Watsan has written ;)

Yes, after 1 1/2 years.. You must be proud :D

dilip said...

Dont challange me!! ;)

dilip said...
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