Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life of a Grad Student

I guess I have been so busy (my inner mind says "Come on!!! accept it .. call it lazy").. OK.. so lazy that I had forgot to keep a tab on the comics at The reward for this laziness was that I had a good laugh for 15 minutes, catching up on all the strips since Oct '07 :).. See laziness is actually GOOD.

For all those, who are grad students you MUST read the comic strips in here. The author Jorge Cham, portrays the life of a grad student perfectly. For to-be grads, DONT READ THE COMICS NOW.. Bookmark the site and remember to read when you are, say 2 months into your grad life.

PS: If you are a new reader, read all the comics from the beginning in order to enjoy the comics better. Which means, as of today, you would have to catch up "only" 983 comic strips. So start reading sooon!!!!

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